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At MJM Law Office, Mr. Mizejewski knows how to handle the complications that occur while dealing with the law.

MJM Law Office, P.C. focuses on understanding and resolving clients’ issues by making sure each client gets the time they deserve in explaining their story. When they share their stories, the attorneys will listen and comprehend their story and help personalize options and solutions. There are usually many options that can lessen the severity of the criminal charges or even eliminate charges.

Oregon DUI Lawyer

Almost everyone, even lawyers and police offices, has committed a DUI one time or another. However, only a few get pulled over by a cop who questions the motorist. DUI enforcement around Eugene can be extremely oppressed and complex. Many like having a beer or a glass of wine with their colleagues or loved ones. But now the overly-attentive police offices enforcing DUI and traffic laws, one can risk going to jail from this common practice.

There are increasingly more federal grants and subsidies provided for local government to enforce DUIs. If you’ve been pulled over by a police officer and been slapped with a DUI case, you may want to make sure you have the proper representation to fight to minimize the results. Sometimes, when an attorney investigates your case, they can find a detailed review that can make your case.

If you don’t want a DUI arrest to put things at stake, it is probably the best idea to hire a committed DUI attorney who is experienced in the Eugene area to make sure you can build a strong case against you DUI.