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Our firm takes a strong, aggressive stance towards lien litigation. By asserting the defendants’ rights of medical control during the case in chief, we serve to set up viable defenses using the MPN and limit any exposure per Labor Code section 5402(c).

When a panel QME or an AME is used during the case in chief, we take time to craft advocacy letters that produce favorable reports, which we are able to use down the line to defend against the liens.

We seek to undermine the medical reporting that a lien claimant is utilizing to prove their lien by arguing that the medical reports are not substantial due to a myriad of reasons specific to the case at hand, oftentimes arguing that an inaccurate medical history was taken by the physician or that a conclusory causation analysis was given by the physician.

Furthermore, we seize opportunities to argue that the services provided were not necessary nor were the costs of these services reasonable. We take pride in advising our clients when we believe we can prevail at lien trial, when we believe we should settle a lien, and which course of action is the most cost effective.

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