Law Promo Launches the Williams & Piatt Website

Law Promo is pleased to announce the launching of the new website for Riley Williams & Piatt.

This ultra-modern website looks great across devices and computers of all shapes and sizes. The simple site header immediately provides contact information and an easy to navigate top header and menu. A large, full-width image slider creates a personable and friendly feel to the website. The feature image section also includes A call to action button, notable accreditation and awards.

The next section includes information on recent case results, all the while reinforcing the red font and background that is used throughout the website and its design. Additional information on the firm below this is great for search engine optimization and the header and sub-header fonts blend in well against the content copy.

The footer and office location areas of the site continue to reinforce the use of the fonts and color scheme used throughout and they blend in well against the white backdrop of the home page. Social media icons make contacting the firm a breeze. The layout of the site is well-designed and airy, allowing “breathing room” within the design, making the user experience pleasant as visitors scan the site.

To see the website, please visit