Announcing the Launch of California Lawyer Website

Law Promo is pleased to announce the launch of the Roshanzamir Law website.

Roshanzamir Law is a firm dedicated to representing victims of serious injuries and wrongful death cases. Unfortunate accidents happen in a variety of circumstances.

They can happen to any one of us at any time. The CDC reports that in 2016 there has been over 33 thousand motor vehicle traffic deaths alone. Serious injuries and wrongful deaths can also happen as a result of a dangerous premises, defective product or professional negligence.

Law Promo understands that running a solo law practice can be a difficult undertaking at any stage, especially if you are just starting up your practice. The most challenging part of running any solo business can be managing each and every aspect, especially those areas in which you have less experience.

Marketing is often one of the weakest areas for small businesses and yet is the most important in ensuring business growth. A solid internet marketing campaign is crucial, as it can level the playing field between you and larger firms and is by far the most cost effective way to attract more clients.