How do I fix broken links in our law firm website?

Aside from our attorney website design services, here at Law Promo, we also offer tips and consultations regarding search engine optimization.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but it takes work, dedication, and expertise to reach that coveted spot. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about one of the common mistakes people tend to overlook when it comes to search engine optimization.

In our experience as a lawyer website design company, one of the more common practices of search engine optimization includes links to different pages of your website within each page’s content or different websites and resources relevant to your website’s content.

Linking to different pages and resources invites your visitors to click around your website and learn more about your services . Link building is a must in order for your website to rank well on search engines as it promotes your content and directs the search engine bots to your keyword phrases.

Like your law firm website design, it’s always important to keep your links up to date. More content means more links which means more maintenance on your part or on the part of your hosting and maintenance provider.

Most mistakes people tend to overlook come from updating the links within their website. As time passes by, it’s common for a website to reach a large size and with each content update/change, it’s normal for some links to become obsolete.

When a link becomes obsolete, remove the link from your website. The quality of your links is taken into account by search engines. Dead links are bad for search engine optimization since they provide no value or relevancy to your website. Dead links lead to a non-existent page/website or gives a 404 error page. Dead links hurt the reliability of your law firm website and nobody likes getting redirected to a non-existent page.

We understand the hassles involved in finding broken links. Luckily, if you’re hosted and maintained by Law Promo, we constantly check and make sure that there are no dead links on your website and that your website is in tip top shape.

If you’d like a more hands on approach to checking the links on your website, there are a number of free tools at your disposal. For your convenience, we’ve listed a one of our favorites below:

Broken Link Check