Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

Integrated Online Marketing Strategy.

Marketing is an essential part of the legal field.  How can clients retain your firm’s services if they’ve never heard of you?  At Law Promo we implement powerful online marketing campaigns to get your firm connected with a greater number of potential clients.

Maintaining clear visibility on search engines is a key component in a successful online marketing strategy.  As your ranking on the results drops lower and lower, so too does the amount of traffic your site brings in.  If your firm doesn’t at least appear on the first page of the results, there is a very little chance people are going to visit your website.

More than a design agency, Law Promo is fully capable of taking on all of your online marketing needs.  Unlike some of our competitors, our SEO experts reside in-house.  They work alongside our design team to implement a plan that makes sure your website brings in the traffic it needs to grow your business.

Our marketing campaigns begin with careful research into your firm’s geographic area and field of practice.  We search for specific keyword phrases that match up to user inquiries.  Once the proper keywords are settled on, our team will move forward in integrating the keywords into the code and design for your website, working tirelessly to move your site up the ranks.

In addition to our SEO services, Law Promo is also connected with a wide variety of legal news outlets, directories, and blogs.  Give us one of your current case stories, and our network will connect you with thousands of readers around the world with the click of a button.

When an outside website posts a link that points back to your website, search engines look upon this favorably and consider this when ranking your website in the results.  Connecting with our legal news networks is a quick and easy way to ensure your website is getting referenced by other sites online.

Law Promo can help you gain a strong online presence.