Going Responsive

Going Responsive with an increasing majority of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, all professionals in the service industry with a website should strongly consider for those without websites, 2015 offers a good opportunity to build in accordance with modern web standards.

Law Firms in particular should place a strong emphasis on cutting-edge web design. Since society is turning to their screen (the one in their palm as opposed to on their desk) for solutions , attorneys must concern themselves with their online identity/image.

An outdated site tells a story about your firm just as much as an updated one does. How do you want prospective clients to perceive you and your associates?

Essentially, being online with a lackluster website is counterproductive. After all, most businesses on the internet all share one primary goal: generate more business. Keeping a website up to date is the functional equivalent of maintaining a physical storefront.

What good is being found if once people enter your store (or website), they are not inclined to browse the aisles (navigate your pages)? Think of a nice retail store that you frequent, many of the elements that make up that store can be applied to your site. Some of the fundamental goals your website should achieve are:

  • Solidify your reputation
  • Earn the trust of prospective clients
  • Differentiate yourself from competition
  • Provide the public with a means of contacting you
  • Showcase your work and contributions to your field

Achieving this is not as difficult as you may think. These goals can be met by combining strong design and functionality with adherence to modern standards.
A mobile-ready site will not only get you traffic from mobile devices, but it will also provide your site’s visitors with a smooth, user experience. Having a site that is ready to go on phones is conducive to people using your site on that respective platform.
This will translate to increased consultations and conversions (clients) if done properly. Just remember that this won’t happen overnight, a fully-responsive website is a prudent investment in your law firm that will bring you a return.