Case Studies

Law Promo has a proven track record of utilizing legal marketing strategies to assist clients in achieving their goals. We have created a number of websites for a range of legal professionals and firms.

From sole practitioners requesting their first website to large law firm websites in need of a major remodel, all our past clients have been more than satisfied with the attorney websites our experienced staff have created.

  • Personal Injury Lawyers

    The design team at Law Promo specializes in creating effective websites for personal injury attorneys and law firms. We know how to bring a sense of urgency to the design, utilizing affecting color schemes, graphic images and animations that implore site visitors to get in touch.

  • Criminal Defense Firms

    Law Promo specializes in designing websites for criminal defense and DUI law firms. As a leader in the industry, our web designers know how to create an impression that will give your visitors a sense of professionalism and seriousness in helping them fight for their criminal charges.

  • Intellectual Property Firms

    One of Law Promo’s specialties is designing websites for intellectual property law firms. Our websites leave a lasting impression for visitors because we understand the importance of visuals. Our quality custom website designs go hand-in-hand with the goals of most intellectual property laws in “promoting progress”.

  • Family Law Attorneys

    Law Promo has been the top website design agency for family law attorneys. By creating the right look and visual appeal, our custom designs have made a huge impact for family law firms in gaining clientele. Our team understands family law requires extra care and consideration, as families are going through an emotionally and mentally draining time.

  • Start Up Law Firms

    Beginning your own law firm can be both an exciting and frightening venture. How will your firm succeed in such a competitive environment? Having dealt frequently with law firms in similar positions, Law Promo’s insight will help you infiltrate the legal community quickly.

  • Website Redesign

    Because of the huge number of legal websites popping up every day, it is essential that your website be at the cutting-edge in order to remain competitive. Without a clean, modern website driven by innovative techniques and technologies, it is impossible to stay at the forefront of the online legal community. After countless law firm website redesigns, Law Promo knows what it takes to craft a creative and professional website that will convince potential clients that your firm should handle their case.