Do Law Firms Need Social Media?

At Law Promo, we’ve received plenty of law firm web design inquiries that specify they’re only interested in a lawyer website design rather than law firm marketing, since their business is primarily word of mouth and client referrals.

While it’s great that most law firm business comes primarily through client referrals, it doesn’t mean a law firm does not need social media.

On the contrary, it’s a mistake to think that lawyers need only a law firm web design. Social Media has exploded onto the web scene in recent years. Just about every business and individual has a social media page, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and even a blog.

It’s in every law firm’s favor to get onto the social media scene. Having a social media presence strengthens your brand and can link to your law firm web design. It’s in every law firm’s favor to use the social media platform to their advantage.

Law firm website designs with links to social media pages gain more exposure than an attorney website design without social media links. Social media also gives your law firm a voice and allows you to connect with your audience in a more personal way.