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Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas Personal Injury Law Firm, Padilla & Rodriguez, L.L.P has have over 35 years of combined attorney experience and are skilled legal representatives for families and individuals who have suffered from a personal injury due to someone else’s carelessness and negligence. Our personal injury cases are based on a contingent fee and we will only charge for what we are able to recover for you. Our firm and its attorneys has had success in recoveries for some of the biggest corporations and businesses in the world ranging from railroads, pharmaceutical companies, to hospitals.

In Texas, if you are the surviving family of the victim who has been involved in a automobile accident, drowning, product defects, or structure collapses, you can have the right to a wrongful-death case. A wrongful death case results in the death due to negligence or other dangerous conditions. However, there are some restrictions as to who can file for a wrongful death case. For instance, a sibling is not able to bring a case for the death of their sibling if it occurred while they were there. If you want to find out if you have a wrongful death claim, contact Houston Texas personal injury lawyer today.

Workplace hazard Texas attorney can represent your case if you have been injured on the job due to unsafe work environments. An employer is obligated to maintain the safety of a workplace for their workers and should also provide the proper training, proper equipment, proper supervision as well as policies to ensure all safety is understood. Workplace injuries may include fall injuries, burns, amputations, paralysis and even death. Contact Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP if you are in need of a personal injury lawyer and have them represent you in a workplace hazard case today!

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Law Promo Can Help With Your Website Redesign.

Law Promo has worked exclusively with the legal field since 2004, making our web designers experts at what they do. We understand that it may be hard for your established firm to keep an updated look. However, there are many benefits of having a website redesign and now is the best time to improve your website. As one of the more experienced web agencies around, our web designers offer the services you need in order to have your website gain more case leads and, in turn, generate increase in revenue. When you have us start on a redesign, our approach to develop a new website that is suitable for your law firm’s needs are focused on three main factors:

-Focusing on Practice Areas and Case Studies
By focusing on your practice areas and case studies, your site ensures that potential and exisiting clients are able to access key information they are looking for. Having your information easily found should always be displayed as a priority because it is what keeps your visitors interested. A cluttered website makes it hard for users to find their information quickly, so our web designers incorporate a clear call to action and user friendly navigation that will map out your websites navigation to all the different areas and information within the website for quick accessibility.

-Search Engine Optimization
We can generate more business for your website by incorporating search engine optimization-friendly structure utilizing our top 5% contents management system which can makes it easily indexed by major search engines to give higher ranking on your website. Search engine rankings and visibility will boost the traffic of more visitors and will be based on our web designer’s expertise in ensuring code markups are clean and easy for web spiders to crawl the page. When potential clients are able to find you easily through our SEO work, your exposure on the web can get you more case leads.

-Unique, Stand Out Look and Feel
Law Promo’s goal for each website is to incorporate what your law firm needs to stand out from your competitors. Our web designers will make your website advanced, sophisticated, and professional in order to give your visitors a lasting impression on your reputation as a legal advisor. Our award-winning design team have the experience and skill to know what it takes to determine high levels of success for your firm.

All three factors will make for an eye-catching, more dynamic, and user-friendly website, and will be the best return on investment for your business that will motivate potential clients to act. If you would like a website redesign with Law Promo, contact us today.

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Los Angeles Employment Law and Business Litigation Attorney Website Design

Our newest attorney website design mock-up for Employment Law Attorney.

Practice Areas:

– Employment Law
– Employment Disputes
– Business Litigation

Freedman Law Office

About the firm: David Freedman provides experienced, results-oriented legal representation to employers and businesses throughout Southern California. He believes the best legal advice is a combination of expertise, creativity, strategy, and hands-on service. He offers efficiency and competitive pricing along with a track record of excellent results that regularly exceeds his clients’ expectations.

Law Promo’s legal web design team possess the skills to adjust and re-tune faulty pages, therefore maximizing a firm’s business potential. A firm can expect to have a custom-made site with a unique design that is straightforward for their clients.

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Houser and Allison, APC

The commercial and business litigation law firm, Houser and Allison, APC serves both Fortune 500 companies and small business. They offer superior legal services to their clients by retaining only the most experienced attorneys in their firm.

This firm decided to redesign their existing website because they wanted simpler navigation and an improved look and feel. Law Promo was able to create a fully redesigned site for their law firm that is professional and modern looking, with expert photography also provided by Law Promo.

Old Website

Redesigned Website

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Lynberg and Watkins Law Firm Website Case Study

The Lynberg and Watkins law firm has over forty attorneys and has offices in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. When they came to Law Promo looking to redesign their law firm website and redefine their online presence, it was determined that their existing website needed a facelift. It was hard to navigate and it had an old, outdated look to it.

Furthermore, their website did not have a content management system, making it difficult to add even the simplest changes to the site. The lack of search engine optimization made the site almost invisible to potential clients seeking out legal services online forcing the firm to rely on alternative means of advertising.

The redesigned website created by Law Promo draws the website visitor’s eye to the navigation menu, encouraging them to spend some time browsing around the site. The bold colors symbolize the boldness and strength of the attorneys in the law firm, immediately building the reputation of the firm in the mind of the website visitors. The attorney directory section allows users to search by position, office location, name or practice area. The new content management system allows changes to be made to the site quickly and easily.

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