Website for Real Estate Transactions Law Attorneys

Law Promo’s latest Responsive Website for Real Estate Transactions Law Attorneys features unique imagery, a strong layout, and looks great on all devices.

This website design was for a large real estate law firm, with numerous offices and a number of attorneys.  At the top of the page, on the left side, is the firm’s unique logo, integrating the construction theme of the firm with its square icons.  Each of the firms offices are also listed, including complete contact information. The navigation bar allows potential clients to easily learn more about the firm.

The great visual pull for this site is obviously the large, full-width background image, immediately tying in the real estate/construction focus of the law firm.  Any visitor to this site won’t make any mistake as to the firm’s specialties.

Below the image is an overview of the firm and a summary of the practice areas, followed by a simple footer.

Website design isn’t only about making the site beautiful.  A structured, intuitive layout that allows visitors to easily digest site content and quickly navigate is essential.  The new standard of responsive design has only made this more true.

Responsive website design is all about providing the best user experience on any device.  Each element on a page needs to be carefully considered and constructed in order to optimize layout.  This might mean turning the navigation bar into a drop-down menu on smaller devices, or even dropping content to make the page flow smoother.

Law Promo’s expert design team can help your firm build a responsive website that functions perfectly on all devices.  Take look at some of our case studies to see more of what we can do.