Website Design For Personal Injury Lawyers

Check out our latest responsive Website Design For Personal Injury Lawyers. Law Promo has been working on new designs and if you’d like to catch a sneak peek of what we’ve got going on behind the scenes, read after the break.

With our most recent batch of designs, the design team at Law Promo has been experimenting with color contrast and short-form content presentation. The design displayed above is the end result of these experiments. Instead of the usual colors associated with personal injury law, our team decided to use a calming color scheme of blue and white in hopes of providing a sense of peace and understanding to visitors approaching the website.

The layout is also different from our traditional print-like layout. With this attorney web design, we’ve made use of width and open borders. The top banner features the law firm name and logo to the left and to the right is the main menu.

The most eye-catching piece of this design is the high-resolution static image header which includes a call to action and brief information of the firm with a button that links to a page detailing all the relevant information.

We’ve placed practice areas and brief descriptions of each area within little tiles to provide visitors easy access to the information they seek. Right underneath these tiles, we’ve added another call to action to draw visitors’ attention to the main content which is below the call to action.

Since our goal with this law firm web design was to promote short-form content, the main content is condensed and right after the content, we’ve added logos and professional achievements.

Overall, we feel this law firm web design will appeal to personal injury lawyers and their targeted audience.