The Keenan and Doris Website

Today Law Promo Launches the Keenan and Doris Website, a law firm in Rutherford, New Jersey. This design features an elegant black and grey color scheme highlighted by the use of smooth gradients.

These simple, classic tones immediately invoke feelings of professionalism, which is exactly how you want your law firm to be regarded. Upon visiting your eyes are immediately attracted to the large banner image of Roman-style pillars, a timeless symbol of the American judiciary system. By using imagery that has a mainstream connection to the field of law, viewers of the site will immediately make the mental connection that they are viewing a law firm website, and that law firm is dependable.

The structure of the site is very simple and easy to navigate through. There is a large logo and phone number in the header, ensuring that your customers always have the most important information right there – your firm name and contact information.

The menu bar highlights the four separate sections of the site users will be accessing – Home, Attorney Profiles, Practice Areas, & Contact. Under the large banner image, we’ve highlighted 4 of their most popular practice areas. By using small images & creative gradients, users will likely shift their attention to this section after the large banner.

We’ve also included a small bio, which maintains its separation by using black text on a white background (contrary to most of the site) while still looking congruent. And, maintaining consistency with our color theme, we’ve included a large black footer with white text that very clearly states the firm name again, the physical address, phone & fax numbers. With such an easily navigable site and the contact information in both the header and footer, it’s ensured that anyone viewing the page will not scramble to find this.

We’ve also added some interesting and unique functionality to the contact page. It opens with the physical address and numbers listed, and there is a familiar Google Map image included. The sidebar, which highlighted practice areas before, now turns into a fully functional contact form for users to very easily send you a message.

Anyone in marketing knows some people are shy and prefer not to start a conversation with an actual phone call. By giving users the ability to send an informal inquiry about your services, you are capturing a much larger audience segment and ensuring you don’t lose any potential customers. The website we’ve made for Keenan & Doris is simple, sleek, and sure to bring the firm continuing success.