Responsive Legal Website Design for Trial Attorneys

Responsive Legal Website Design for Trial Attorneys. A website should be a visual statement that strikes you immediately. Upon seeing the landing page (or home page) a viewer should be quickly engaged to learn more about what content the site has to offer. It is for these reasons we are very excited to share our current project in development with you.

It is a fully responsive website designed to give viewers that immediate sensation that they’ve stumbled on something big. With an attractive and functional layout, we made sure the very top contains a thin bar with important information that won’t detract from the overall design. To ensure it doesn’t draw too much attention, we’ve kept the background color a soft grey with dark grey text. There are also social media icons in the upper-left, with a slightly contrasting white background to achieve a clean effect that still conveys the important information clearly.

Directly underneath you’ll see a very standard menu with drop-down functionality. We’ve kept this simple in presentation with the company logo on the side, once again to provide very concise and clear navigation without proving to distract eyes from the focus: a beautiful cityscape photo that spans the entire width of the site. By using a darker image (taken in the evening) we are able to make the call-to-action really pop with white lettering.

The contrast of light text on a dark background has become a common practice in web design as many viewers feel that a darker screen is easier on their eyes and creates less strain. The message also creates a strong visual by contrasting the actual size of the text, with the main slogan noticeably larger and separated from the secondary text with a horizontal bar. As you continue down the page you’ll also run into the practice areas and other information. Overall, this website creates a strong presence and is sure to get many conversions with its bold call-to-action.