Professional Law Firm Logo Design by Law Promo

Professional Law Firm Logo Design by Law Promo

Every successful law firm begins with an epic logo design

Logos are a vital aspect of your law firm’s branding.  Your logo can be placed across a variety of media, from websites and email to business cards and letterheads, to help unify your branding efforts and give your clients a memorable impression.  Today we present our latest law firm logo design.

Our client was in the process of establishing a new law firm and wanted a fresh logo to represent the firm.  Initially unsure of what type of design he was seeking, he gave us browsed our extensive logo portfolio and gave us some general guidelines.

1. The designer expanded on his ideas and put forth several different concepts.  Each concept included a different monogram symbol of the firm’s initials, as well as different font styles.

2. After quickly deciding on a concept, our designers tweaked small aspects, such as the colors and letter spacing, allowing the client to see a number of possible options for his chosen design.

3. The client decided on a final design, and our team quickly got him a files package that he will be able to incorporate into all of his marketing materials, whether it be online or in the office.

Cost Effective Law Firm Logo Design Services

Law Promo’s legal logo design and brand identity team is among the best in the business. Our diverse group of talented graphic designers have the ability to bring you a creative, enduring design that will resonate with your clients. We always enjoy making our customers happy and are proud to present this latest logo design.