Lawyer and Attorney Search Engine Optimization

Lawyer and Attorney Search Engine Optimization. When a potential client types your name into a search engine, what do they see?  Of course, you hope that your website appears near the top of the results. But there can also be a number of links to results both good and bad.

As an attorney, your public image is incredibly important, so it’s a good idea to make sure your online reputation portrays you in a positive light and accurately reflects your values, goals, and services.  Getting your law firm website to rank at the top of search engines is only half the battle.  You should also be getting your achievements and landmark cases, as they are reported in the media, visible on search results, as well as promoting any independent reviews from satisfied clients.

However, lawyers and law firms must also remain aware of any negative associations appearing online.  Although the internet has opened ways for you to connect with clients, it also increases the risk of tarnishing your reputation.  Social networks like Yelp, Facebook and Twitter, and online news outlets are wonderful resources you can use to build up your firm’s image.  But they can also be places where a past mistake, misunderstanding, or unfavorable ruling can erase years of hard work.

Many factors are responsible for ranking both your website and third-party reviews and news stories.  The SEO experts at Law Promo have a lot of experience with search engine marketing and management.  Using our skills, we can help improve your website ranking, promote positively related content, and decrease the visibility of negative content.