Law Promo launches new website

Law Promo launches new website. Law Promo launches new website for The Law Offices of Adam Gomerman, an established Long Island Bankruptcy law firm. This modern, sleek website is extremely easy to navigate and your eye immediately gravitates to the large header image, with a cool paper-fold effect applied to the bottom of the image. The site is designed for responsiveness – scaling down to look great on devices of all shapes and sizes.

One of the first things you notice as you scroll through the site is the use of the sharp, modern font “Raleway” throughout the design. The text line-height and weighting is easy to read and is highly-legible for the user. As well, the website makes great use of repetition of the principal colors throughout the site for consistency. The red buttons are bright and easy to see for specific calls to action. These colors are also repeated in the navigation hover states for consistency and symmetrical design.

Design-wise, the website home page is structured simplistically and is easy to use. The use of ample white space is great, letting the design breath and the making the site extremely easy to read. The darker header and footer sections create great contrast to the white copy in the main section, and the subtle gradient used in the super header is a splendid eye-catcher. The content is organized and structured, based on a grid system that displays everything in a succinct manner.