Law Firm Logo Design by Law Promo Design Team

Law Firm Logo Design by Law Promo Design Team. Designing a logo is not as simple as most people may think – it extends far beyond just throwing some text together with a graphic. Many things must be considered; most importantly, the firm’s ideas and mission must be portrayed through this simple visual.

The complexity of logo design is evidenced in our latest design for a law firm with multiple partners, who have five attorneys who all needed to be represented in the logo. With five names and their corresponding initials, it was a challenge to fit all this information into a small space while maintaining an attractive visual aesthetic.

Our designer managed to create something that not only looks great visually but really imbues a sense of this law firm’s mission. With rich tonal blues, we gave the client a couple of options, one being a muted tone with a clever graphic, and the other includes a brighter blue shade with white text in the graphic.

While similar, both convey a professional attitude in a unique way. The top has a more serious feel with the darker blue and use of white, while the bottom commands more attention with its use of more color space and a lighter, more vibrant shade. Both are professional and will serve the firm well for their branding, and the decision of which to use will depend on the firm’s personal preference.