IP Law Attorneys Law Firm Logo Design

IP Law Attorneys Law Firm Logo Design. This one in particular embodies the principles of good design. Intellectual Property covers trademarks, copyrights, and patents all of which can be applied to various fields.

These fields range from creative works such as music to inventions such as a vehicle. Because this field is so broad, it was important to make sure all of the niches within IP law were represented without creating something too busy and chaotic.

The graphic accompanying the text in this case needed to do just that. This was achieved by using simple geometric shapes and combining them to create something unique. The result is a logo that is easily distinguishable from others and resembles vault-style doors that lock in place at a central point. This design instills a sense of trust, the use of color speaks to the creativity of the firm and the ability to think outside of the box while the sharp lines and position of the shapes have a strong tone of cohesiveness and security.

The attorney’s names are prominently displayed in a traditional font. It is clean, professional, and elegant. The color of the attorney’s names matches one of the blues used in the logo. Again, just the simple use of color creates consistency throughout the overall design.

The complimentary line reading “Intellectual Property Attorneys” is matched to the red seen in the logo. Strong design affects us on a psychological level and why we may not always be able to place our finger on why, it is mainly subconscious. This logo just “makes sense”, creating the narrative fidelity the potential clients need to feel. This is who they are and this what they do.