Criminal Defense Law Attorneys Website Design

Here is a sneak preview of’s latest Criminal Defense Law Attorneys Website Design. The client – whose name we’ll release in a later post – requested a fully customized website that’s SEO-ready. So, we gave it to him!

Since our lawyer deals in Criminal Defense Law, our designer imagined a Dick Wolf TV drama – moody, “dark” and serious. He chose a black, blue, and white color palette to pull off this “Law & Order”- style effect. In keeping with current website styles, 80% of the content of the site can be found on the front page. The user is presented with an extra-large slider, with a bold headline linking to a list of our lawyer’s list of accomplishments.

Below the page fold is a description of the firm, with visual statistics of their settlement amounts to date. As you scroll down, the black background suddenly shifts to white, highlighting the firm’s practice areas, written in a dark blue serif font. The footer goes back to black, reiterating the firm’s contact information, location, and a nifty little contact form.

As always, we tested the site’s responsive design on different devices including nearly every brand of smartphone, tablet, and web browser. In total there are only seven pages on this website (not including blog entries). We understand many potential clients could be grieving the loss of a loved one or a business owner under immense legal pressure. The easier we can make it for a distressed client to find the phone number, email, or contact form, the better. That’s why contact information is clearly listed in the header and footer. And if a user needs to make a snap judgment on the lawyer he/she is choosing, it’s all there on the front page.

That’s Justice, Made Easy!