Criminal Defense and DUI Law Firm Website Design

Today, Law Promo is excited to release the website design preview of one of the most renowned law office of Criminal Defense and DUI Law.

We would like for you to take the opportunity to browse through this fully-responsive website. You have no excuse, it is compatible to all devices and browsers.

The large and clean cut fonts on the title page showcase this prestigious law office provide the visitor with a sense of the practice areas the firm undertakes.

The background design really symbolizes the justice that this law office can restore for you. It is brightly contrasting the black background in a time of difficulty which most clients are going through when first visiting this website. This law office will bring you out from the dark.

The main website makes it clear what it is standing up for. The transparency of the website reveals and shares what their call to action is. This website is truly a not only visually appealing but easily accessible. The phone number is the first thing most people look for when trying to hire an attorney, proving the transparency and same tone as their work. Check back to see how the rest of the site unfolds.