Color Branding For Your Law Firm

Color Branding For Your Law Firm. Consistency is key for online branding. Many elements come to mind when addressing your online website brand: color scheme, style, content, logo, graphics, etc. Often, something as basic as a site’s color scheme has an immense effect on the overall look and feel of a website.

Website color is often dictated by a website’s style guide or design standards. As well, elements such as a company logo can influence what colors are used predominantly within a website. Color is a very powerful tool.

Take the example of the color blue being utilized by many popular social media websites (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Skype). It is no coincidence that these popular sites all employ blue as the primary color used within the design on their sites.

Blue has a natural calming effect, which is great when someone visits your site. Not only can it calm them while they are perusing the site, but it also helps to keep consumers on the site! Blue can be calming and less distracting than something like a bright red or bright hue color. It’s always good to check your favorite sites for inspiration for your website color.

When planning for your website design, or if you are choosing one of Law Promo’s website templates, it always helps to be mindful of color and what direction you would like to go.