California Civil Litigation Law Firm Website Design

California Civil Litigation Law Firm Website Design. Just like any of our web designs, this one is fully responsive so your future clients can navigate easily through whatever platform or technology they have on hand. Our in-house designers take your future clients into consideration. After all, the main purpose of your office’s website is to turn viewers into clients.

When clients enter your website, the first thing to catch their eyes is the catchy slogan that makes you stand out from the rest of the lawyers competing against you. There’s a call to action right underneath in a complementary golden color making the website more professional. By offering a free consultation, viewers are bound to stay and see what you are about. And when they click the offer, they will be led to a free consultation contact fill-out sheet where they can claim their offer painlessly by leaving their information.

In this design, we have the contact information clearly visible on the header of the homepage and the very bottom for those viewers who are taking skimming to another level! Purposefully placed directly on top of your very own personalized logo by yours truly. Because if the viewers like what they see, then they will want to contact you, and we have to avoid any interference of doing just that.

It’s simple menu on the top right hand of the header makes it easily navigable for pro-web-users and newbies alike. Without even scrolling down, your prospective client can see what your practice areas are outlined on the bottom with logos providing symmetry on your website allowing viewers to feel the strength of your law office. Welcome your potential clients into your virtual office with this sleek design to stay strong against other offices!

You’re bound to convert your viewers to customers with this sleek and strong design.