Advantages of Responsive Legal Website Design

Advantages of Responsive Legal Website Design. Building a website for your law firm is an essential step in promoting your online identity.  While developing a site, it is important to stay updated with the most current web trends and technologies.

Responsive Web Design is a highly efficient approach to website development and layout and has quickly become the standard in creating new sites.  Responsive Web Design (RWD) means that the website provides an optimal viewing experience on a full spectrum of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.  On each device, readability is maximized and navigation is straightforward and easy, minimizing the need for constant zooming and panning.

As mobile device use rapidly increases, so too does the need for mobile-friendly websites.  Smartphones and tablets have drastically transformed the way users access the Internet.  Whereas in the past designers only had to worry about major design choices on one platform, today they have to consider the way each element can best be displayed as users visit websites on tiny and large screens alike.

Further things to consider are the device’s user interface.  A desktop computer has a large screen, a full ten-finger keyboard a mouse with clickable buttons.  Mobile devices are usually touch-enabled, with smaller keyboards usually accessed with a single finger that might make entering large amounts of information tedious and frustrating.

Responsive web design is also an effective means of SEO.  Large search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing rate-responsive websites higher, giving you more visibility.  It is important that your website be responsive and user-friendly in all formats so that you gain more clients.

For more information on our various law firm web designs, we invite you to explore our attorney web design portfolio, featuring our latest projects and website launches.