PPC / Online Advertising

Your law firm’s top goals are to boost clientele and generate profits. To do so, you need a legal marketing strategy that promises cost-effective results. Law Promo offers exactly what you’re looking for: Pay Per Click is a relatively new tool in the legal marketing field that assures you’re getting what you pay for, whether you’re a recognized law firm or a recently started sole practitioner.

Advantages of Pay Per Click with Law Promo:

– We offer a results-driven, specifically-targeted PPC campaign, that saves money by focusing on the region or specialty your law firm deems vital.
– Law Promo constantly updates legal marketing keywords for PPC campaigns, so you don’t have to.
– Your law firm can expect faster results using this technique as compared to other online marketing methods.
– Your website will infiltrate the most important search engines, increasing your credibility and exposure.

Law Promo can assist you in a results-driven Pay Per Click campaign. This legal marketing technique allows your law firm to target specific keywords that work best for your practice areas and focus region. Law Promo can help you identify and pinpoint these keywords; however, because every law firm is unique, we welcome your input for words you believe will help boost SEO power. Your website will use these keywords to move to the top of the search engine rankings, successfully generating more traffic to your attorney site.

The phrase “Pay Per Click” comes in when traffic begins flowing to your website. As each new visitor is directed to the website, your law firm pays the agreed-upon fee, which normally varies depending on the keywords and legal practice area. Rest assured you won’t be overcharged – you only pay for each new visitor. While competitors may think they are able to hurt you by repeatedly clicking on your advertisements and increasing your fees, most search engines have implemented technology to combat fraudulent clicks. Trust is key with all Pay Per Click campaigns and Law Promo puts high value on a working relationship based on confidence and transparency.

The greatest aspect of Pay Per Click is that it produces real results. You can expect to see your lawyer website on the first page of search engines without the prolonged wait of traditional search engine optimization campaigns. You will no longer have to worry about wasted advertisements viewed outside of your geographic area. And, unique to Pay Per Click, you literally get what you pay for. You can spend what you want for your Pay Per Click campaign without having to worry about any long-term commitments. However, Law Promo believes once your law firm sees the results of the Pay Per Click campaign, you’ll choose to include it as an ongoing part of your online marketing strategy.

Because the online legal community grows every day, Law Promo is constantly evaluating and researching the latest trends in legal keywords. We promise to update your Pay Per Click campaign so that it stays efficient and relevant.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the three most prominent players in the Pay Per Click field: between 80 and 90% of all online traffic starts with these top three search engines. They also have thousands of partnerships with smaller search engines and content networks that your Pay Per Click campaign will permeate.

Law Promo promises a unique and highly-effective Pay Per Click campaign to create a high flow of new visitors to your website – call us now at 1-866-886-0548 to get started.