Lawyer / Law Firm Blogs

If you already have a unique, high quality website with strong content and SEO techniques, you may be wondering what else you can do to amplify your online presence.

Law Promo has the solution: create a blog.

– Blogs can be an effective legal marketing tool for your law firm.
– Don’t be left behind as numbers of lawyer blogs are created daily.
– Attorney blogs will boost your law firm website SEO power.
– A law firm blog can help unite your staff and clientele.
– Law Promo has the experience necessary to develop an effective legal blog for you.

It’s understandable to be skeptical. Why does a law firm need a blog? If you take a look around online, you will see that law firms and attorneys use blogs in many different ways to grow their business.

The most important step in creating a blog is to find the right domain name for your firm. In the early blogging days, using the name of a blog hosting site was fine. With so many blogs and sites being created now, using a generic hosting domain name doesn’t cut it. You want your domain name to show potential clients that you are a distinct and superior attorney. A fitting domain name is imperative to maintaining credibility.

While blogging may not be your expertise, we have extensive experience developing and maintaining blogs. Our first step is figuring out what you want – understanding the goals for the blog is essential.

The key to understanding why blogs are so important for every attorney and law firm is to realize that it boosts your search engine optimization. We can help you develop the correct keywords for your blog entries that place you above your competitors in search engine rankings. The more you update your blog with new content, the better your SEO.

Some law firms use blogging as a way to distribute news about the company. They can offer a more relaxed atmosphere to show clients additional activities that go on in the office besides work, helping them create a personal relationship with your firm. Other firms use their blog with business in mind, using it exclusively to highlight new cases. Another way to use blogs is to discuss what you think about current legal events. If you’ve recently become a sole practitioner or are a newly created firm, a blog that discusses current legal events and how they relate to you or your firm will give potential clients an idea of your philosophy and background.

Potential clients can also utilize lawyer blogs to review recent cases similar to theirs and then post questions concerning them. A casual dialog begins that could lead to a new case for your firm. Another blog function is to serve as a bridge between lawyers in large law firms, who may sometimes feel disconnected with attorneys in other offices. Even if your firm has a small staff, they may be too busy to follow everything going on in the firm.

As you can see, blogs can prove to be a highly effective tool in your online marketing strategy. With our diverse experience in legal blogging, Law Promo can work with you to deduce what’s best for your firm and place you on the cutting edge of the online community. Contact us at 1-866-886-0548 to learn more.