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Advantages of Pay Per Click with Law Promo

If your law firm marketing strategy online includes pay-per-click, Google AdWords is the place to start.  Millions of people search and successfully find what they are looking for on Google, thus making Google one of the most effective platforms for businesses to market their products and services.  AdWords allows businesses to pay Google for listings that target people searching for specific keywords and phrases.

The AdWords program only costs five dollars for an account activation, with no ongoing fees other than to pay for clicks your ads receive.  There is no monthly minimum spending limit or time commitment, when the budget you set is reached, your ads will no longer be displayed.  Daily budgets can be set, and they can start at one cent. 

An AdWords marketing plan includes many highly customizable campaigns.  Each campaign can contain multiple keywords and ads, and each keyword can have multiple ads with different ad copy.  Ads are schedulable; ads will display on days and hours of your choosing.  Ad scheduling is very useful for legal practices whose business has seasonal spikes.  There are more DUI cases during the holiday season, and families fight for Christmas and New Years custody and visitation orders.  Advertisers can set up ads to appear during those spikes beforehand.  Listings can also be geo-targeted, so only people in your service area will see them, ensuring that people whom you cannot serve will never click on your ad.  You can also block locations from having your ads displayed to them.

Tracking and performance reports are online 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.  With properly implemented landing pages, advertisers can see which combination of keywords, ad copy, and landing page are providing the highest rate of return, and which ads are performing poorly.  Necessary adjustments are easier figured out when you are armed with specific data. 

As you can see, an effective Google Adwords campaign is a full-time endeavor.  Google Adwords comes standard with Law Promo pay-per-click management.  After you figure out your pay-per-click budget, we can create and manage your AdWords campaigns for you.

Advantages of Pay Per Click with Law Promo:

-We offer a results-driven, specifically-targeted PPC campaign, that saves money by targeting only the region or specialty your law firm deems necessary.

– Law Promo constantly updates legal marketing keywords for PPC campaigns, so you don’t have to.

Your law firm can expect faster results using this online marketing technique rather than others.

Law Promo has extensive experience in redesigning and developing web sites for the attorneys and law firms. Our expertise can save you time and money while increasing your firm’s client base. Please contact our Law Firm Website Specialists with questions regarding your inquiry. Our team is available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM pacific time via phone at Toll-free 1-866-886-0548 or 213-341-1673.

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Mobile Websites for Attorneys

Mobile websites for attorneys are becoming more and more crucial to your firm’s business every single day.  That is because the number of people with smartphones continues to increase and it is speculated that the smartphone is soon to take over computers as the typical home computing device.  That means that more people will be searching to find and research an attorney or law firm to represent them online using their mobile device.

Things that used to be limited to computers are now becoming possible on mobile devices making the demand for mobile websites for attorneys higher than ever.  Mobile websites will soon be as prevalent as PC websites, so it is crucial that developers work on making their sites compatible with the major smartphone platforms such as Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

As with any aspect of your legal business, it’s necessary to consider your potential clients when developing a mobile solution for your website.  It’s not just that mobile devices are becoming more popular.  It’s that our culture and the way people conduct business and live their lives is changing.  A phone used to be a device for verbal communication, but today it is so much more than that.  Our mobile devices are used for so many purposes and the demand for high quality internet content increases daily.  Focusing on mobile website design should be a top priority for your firm.

Good mobile websites for attorneys will meet the expectations of your increasingly busy potential clients who demand convenience when carrying out their daily activities.  The mobile web allows us to multitask and if your business serves to satisfy a particular need of your customers, it will stay on top of the competition only if you are able to provide those solutions in every possible avenue including the mobile web.  Remember that people today expect to find what they’re looking for instantaneously and don’t feel they have time to waste searching and searching.  Your mobile law firm website design needs to provide those solutions easily and efficiently.

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How the Mobile Web Works

For example, a criminal defense law firm can have a mobile website offering advice on the steps to take when a loved one or friend is arrested. These steps can contain general advice, such as asking the arresting police officer where the accused will be held, and not to talk to the police or anybody else about the alleged crime until they have a lawyer present. This mobile website would come in very handy for people who are not near a personal computer at the time their friend is arrested, and your law firm’s contact information will come conveniently with the advice. Your law firm can implement features that makes reaching you even more convenient than merely contact information. There can be a “call” button, or a “SMS text” button, which leads to a direct line to your offices. Having a mobile website offering general advice to specific procedures that fall under your area of expertise works for a number of practice areas, not just criminal law.

A mobile website can help your current clients as well. If people wrote down your contact information incorrectly, or skipped taking note of it altogether, they can look up your law firm’s mobile website for this information when they are not near a computer. As 51% of mobile web consumers use their phones to find driving directions, directions to your offices will be helpful, and they can integrated to work with the mobile phone‘s GPS. You can also include a FAQ. The benefits are twofold, because your clients will not need to call you to ask for directions or other general questions. Increase the ways to make your clients’ lives easier, and they will more likely remain loyal customers.

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Mobile Site for Your Law Office

As the internet grows more ubiquitous, so do the devices used to access it. Smartphones and other web-enabled phones are growing in popularity among consumers. According to the 2010 Consumer Behavior Report in smartphone shopping behavior, 53% of online consumers own a smartphone or other web-enabled phone with a data plan. 3G connectivity, which gives mobile web users faster data speeds, has also grown, from 48% of mobile web users in 2009 to 64% in 2010. Because the mobile web market will only continue to grow further–as the convenience of having the internet everywhere is becoming more of a necessity to consumers–your law firm needs to implement a mobile web strategy to reach this expanding audience.

Even though attorneys conduct live counsel, either face-to-face or by telephone, a mobile web presence can still benefit your law firm. People use mobile web services for its instant availability everywhere, similar to 411. A mobile website can provide useful information to the potential client before they call, and thus, is much more welcoming than a listing in a telephone directory.

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