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I Have a Law Office Website, Why Should I Redesign?

Get a fully customized, cost effective law firm website from Law Promo to attract more clients. The internet is increasingly becoming the first resource people use to find the right law firm to handle their legal issues. In addition, potential clients expect an established law firm to have a professional website, even if the law firm operates mostly offline.

The number one reason is that redesiging will allow for more SEO. Another reason is that your site may not be up to par with the competition. Potential clients will take this into consideration when deciding on which attorney to choose for their case. Also, an attorney has more to do with their time than update and maintenence a website. If that attorney decides to hire a web design firm they will have a team that is experienced in design to help keep the site modern. Then the attorney can spend more time on their business.

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Are People Really Going to Look for an Attorney Online?

A professionally-designed attorney website will bring in new clients. The days when a potential client searched through the Yellow Pages dialing the first number they see is over.

If someone is looking for a professional attorney and your website is not up-to-date then that’s one strike against you before you even talk to them. It may actually discourage them from calling you at all. Your law firm will be competing for attention with many other attorney sites. Because of this you want yours to be the best.

We have a number of custom website designs for many different types of attorneys under our belt. We will use this experience to build your law firm its own custom website from scratch. Or we can work with you to redesign an existing website that generates new clients. If you think we have a few templates we use for everyone and that your website will be too similar to other attorneys’, think again. We are dedicated to making your law firm stand out.

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Does Your Law Firm Need a Professional Website?

LawPromo has a solid understanding of what attorneys and law firms need in a successful website. Our award winning team and dedication to excellence are what make us stand out from other design firms. We understand that your company is unique and we can create a professional custom website that will increase traffic and visibility for your firm.

Capturing your potential clients’ immediate attention is crucial. The viewer will judge the professionalism of the firm by the design of the website, making it mandatory to have a professional, attractive look. A well designed site will enhance the appearance of your firm and attract clients.

If you don’t have a web site yet, it’s long past due, it’s just not an optional tool any longer and if you do have one, it’s probably due for a dusting off and an update.

Law Firm Website Design Companies : The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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How Law Promo’s Legal Marketing Works

Law firms simply cannot afford to miss out on the enormous volume of potential clients who go online to find their legal services. Simply having a website is not enough; your website and firm must also be marketed online to ensure that people will find your website among competing sites. Law Promo’s experience in the legal field has made us experts in this process and has given us plenty of proven results for our marketing strategies.
How Law Promo’s legal marketing strategies can assist your law firm:

Propel your law firm website to the top of all search engine rankings.
A Law Promo pay per click campaign means substantial returns on minimal target investments.
Use blogs to unite your law firm and increase your power in search engines.
Build your reputation as an attorney with our public relations and media partnerships.
Capture potential clients’ attention with video that profiles your law firm’s unique services.

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Lawyer Blogs & Podcast

A law firm Blog is another excellent marketing tool to increase SEO power for your Law Firm. A blog is a database-driven tool, which allows you to establish authority on major law related headlines online. Law related current affairs will drive new prospective clients who are interested in the latest headlines or are victims needing legal advice, blogs help drive clients on a daily basis.

Podcast is another solution. 14.8 million adults in the US downloaded an audio or video pod cast in the last month. Pod casting is one of the fastest growing technologies today. It allows for potential clients to download your multimedia content in a portable format that will reach the audience 24 hours, 7 days a week.. This is a great tool to increase awareness for your firm while capitalizing on new media format.

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Law Firm Pay Per Click Advertising

For legal professionals in need of a traffic surge, We recommends buying Pay Per Click advertising.

PPC advertising highlights a website at the top of pertinent search engine results. The advertising strategy got its name because the company only pays when a unique visitor clicks on the advertisement. Then the law firm is charged a pre-determined amount because a new person has visited their site.

A unique visitor means an individual user. The programs detect when the same user clicking on the advertisement multiple times. Competing law firms notice Pay Per click advertisements and barrage them with clicks in an attempt to eat away at our client’s marketing budgets. The largest suppliers of PPC advertising – Google, AOL and Yahoo – program their software to ignore malicious clicking, which protects our client’s investment.

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Attorney Blogs – Boost Your Online Marketing Efforts

One way to significantly boost your law firm online marketing efforts is to create and develop a law firm blog. Having a blog shows the search engines as well as your potential and current clients that you are an expert in your legal field of expertise and that you have plenty of high quality content to provide people online.

This is one of the most important factors in ranking highly in the search engines and bringing in the most highly targeted traffic that will convert best into new clietns for your law firm.

A blog for your law firm is an excellent way to market your legal services online. It is also a way to stay ahead of the competition, as more and more lawyers and law firms are finding out the powerful benefits of blogging and are getting ahead of the game by creating one to market their legal services and expand their online presences.

Law Promo has the solution: create a blog.

  • Blogs can be an effective legal marketing tool for your law firm.
  • A number of lawyer blogs are created daily, don’t be left behind.

The first step to take in creating an effective blawg is choosing a good domain name. Rather than simply using your name or your law firm’s name, think about what people are actually typing into their search engines to find your legal services.

Law Firm Website Design Companies : The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Law Firm Website Pay Per Click Advertising

Does my law firm need Pay Per Click Advertising?

Managing your online marketing budget as an attorney or law firm can be a challenge. Unlike search engine optimization marketing, PPC ads appear on the front page of search engine results when the campaign begins. Law firms see results instantly with this form of marketing whereas search engine optimization requires a longer period of time. Legal Marketing Services recommends clients use internet marketing tools in tandem because the PPC ads will generate initial traffic to the webpage. The surge in visitors will raise the website’s search engine ranking complementing the SEO campaign’s free, but more deliberate tactics.

Pay Per Click Advertising advertises a client’s website at the top of search engine results. In the past, owner of the law firm’s website typically selects keywords that determines the search engine results where the advertisements will appear. The legal professional only pays when a potential client clicks on the ad, which where the marketing application’s name came from.

Google, Yahoo and Bing not only facilitate the most Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, they also host the most web traffic. The search engine specialists at Legal Marketing Services managed their first PPC campaigns in 2000. The team has grown with the industry and live up to their professional reputation at each opportunity.

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