Wyoming Contract Law Attorney Website Design

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Contract Law Firm Web Design

Today’s unveiling is for our current progress on a lawyer website design for a Wyoming contract law attorney.

This style of attorney website isn’t one that we have done often, but it happens to be a very effective strategy for this client.  This is a micro-site, meaning it is just one page and contains very condensed content.  The purpose of this style is to attract the user with a variety of organized visuals, leading them to the small amounts of important content and providing them with an easy method of contact.

This contract law website achieves this goal throughout its one page.  The large image slideshow provides an emotional response to supplement the overlapping text box, the stack of three blue information boxes draws the users’ attention to these calls to action, and the stock video allows prospective clients to visualize the exceptional service that our client provides.

If you have a few important pieces of information you wish to spread amongst the online community but don’t think you have enough content for a full website, this style could be right for you.  Please check out our complete array of design styles in our lawyer website design portfolio!