Workers Compensation for Illinois Trucking Companies

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Annual freight output is increasing and the trucking industry is growing to keep up with the demand for freight transportation. If you have been injured in a truck driving accident, you may be wondering whether your worker’s comp case can be filed in Illinois.

Trucking Workers Compensation is mandatory for many trucking companies. Workers’ Comp provides coverage for:

– Medical expenses
– Lost income/wages
– Rehabilitation costs
– And more…

Whether an injury occurs during loading and unloading, or while you are in an accident on the road, coverage may be available.

To receive workers’ compensation payments, you need to inform your employer of your injuries and file a workers’ compensation claim. It’s advisable to hire a workers’ comp attorney to assist you with your claim, as the filing process is complicated, and sometimes employers will require you to jump through unnecessary hoops or misclassify your employment status in order to avoid having to pay you the compensation you deserve.

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