Worker’s Compensation Blog Design

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At Law Promo, we often get asked about the benefits of blogs to a lawyer website design. What use is there for a blog when you have a website? The answer is many. There are many uses and benefits for a blog regardless of whether you have a professional attorney website design or not. Read on for more information regarding DiRusso & DiRusso’s Worker’s Compensation Blog Design.

Like the integrated blog design shown above, one of the benefits to having a blog with your attorney web design is to provide more focus on a certain topic. Generally, your website should contain pertinent information about your firm, your expertise, and the services provided, but what happens when there’s something interesting or relevant that you want to share with your clients? That’s where blogs come in. The information on your attorney web design is static, meaning there are generally no updates to the content. With a blog, content is constantly updated which is why some attorneys favor blogs as a way to reach out to their clients or focus on a certain topic.

The Blog above focuses on Worker’s Compensation. It is built using the WordPress CMS. Our design team stayed as close as possible to the lawyer website design so as to create fluidity in the design. The background matches that of the website and the blog header features the website’s logo, firm name, and contact information. Here at Law Promo, we like to keep things simple and this integrated blog design is as simple as can be.

DiRusso & DiRusso, Attorneys at Law are located in Mount Airy, North Carolina. They take pride in the services they provide to their clients. Their practice areas are as follows: Worker’s Compensation, Criminal Defense, and Family Law. We invite you to read more about their main focus by visiting their Worker’s Compensation Blog Design.