Workers Comp for Construction Site Injuries in Chicago, IL

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Work Comp

In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that nearly 7 million US workers are employed in the construction industry. This amounts to 4% of the total workers in the United States.

Construction work is dangerous work. Even though Construction accounts for only 4% of total workers, OSHA notes that over 20% of all work-related deaths occur in the construction industry. Construction injuries can occur because of unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment, lack of safety precautions, or human error. Common construction site injuries include:

· Electric shock and other electrical accidents
· Slip and falls, falls from heights
· Trench collapses
· Crane accidents
· Scaffolding failure
· Defective machinery or equipment

Developers and contractors are legally obligated to ensure that their construction sites are safe and that workers are trained with properly functioning safety equipment. However, even if workers and employers follow all the safety requirements and protocols, accidents can still happen. Equipment can still malfunction. Someone who has taken every precaution can still slip and fall. >> Read more