White Collar Crimes Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Most frequently, white collar crimes take place in a business or in a political setting. The crimes are non-violent in nature and are commonly committed by people in a position of authority, which allows them to conduct their business discreetly and over the long-term. For it to be considered white collar crime, some kind of fraud or deception must have been committed. While not violent in nature, these kind of crimes can still have serious repercussions. If you have been accused of white collar crime, we recommend that you get in touch with our Nevada legal team at Drummond & Nelson immediately.

White collar crimes can include:

Bank fraud
Computer crime
Credit card fraud
Health care fraud
Identity theft
Import and export crimes
Insider trading
Mail fraud
Property theft

All white collar crimes involve deception, cheating or stealing which causes monetary losses for the other parties involved. Those convicted of a white collar crime can be forced to sustain huge financial losses as a result.