What Qualifies as a Permanent Total Disability (PTD)?

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In Illinois, permanent total disability (PTD) is part of the workers’ compensation system. Typically, it provides lifetime financial support for employees who have sustained a permanent work-related injury or illness and are unable to work. If you qualify for this benefit then you may also become eligible for a Rate Adjustment Fund benefit.

The IWCC defines permanent total disability as:

– The complete loss of use of both hands, arms, feet, legs, eyes or a combination of any two body parts; or
– A condition that prevents someone from doing work or obtaining stable employment.

Under Illinois law, PTD benefits entitle an employee to a weekly benefit of two-thirds, or 66 2/3%, of their average weekly wage, and they can receive this benefit for the rest of their life. When injuries are severe enough to warrant PTD benefits, you need a dedicated attorney by your side. While workers’ compensation benefits are tax-exempt, the process of applying for these benefits can be time consuming and complicated.

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