Website Design Prepared For A Texas Law Firm

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web design for law firm

Our latest law firm web design is prepared for our client in Texas. Our client requested the website design for her law firm to be: “cutting-edge, modern, and professional”. At Law Promo, we always strive to give our clients what they want, so after receiving the mock-up questionnaire, we got to work. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with new attorney website designs by changing and refining our usual traditional style of web design. With this new project, we decided to try something different as well.

With this law firm website design, our team placed a large high resolution graphic as the background. The header and main menu have been combined and are displayed against a transparent white background. Our client’s call to action is displayed towards the left of the graphic also against a transparent white background.

The main body content displays solid contrasting colors to differentiate the content: Practice areas are displayed in white against a navy background, while the main body content is displayed in black against a light gray background. Our client’s contact information is displayed prominently under the split body content above the footer. We also placed icons for Facebook and Twitter within the footer for quick access.

Like all our website designs, we’re proud of what we’ve created. Design and style is always evolving, so we always make an effort to try new styles and change things up once in a while. This lawyer website design is still in the mockup phase, so you all know the drill: changes are expected to be made.

If you’re interested in a website design for your law firm, we invite you to look through our lawyer website design portfolio for ideas.