Website Design for Property Subrogation Lawyers

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Legal Web Design

Law Promo’s latest attorney website design is for our property subrogation client. This new project is a responsive redesign of their current website. For more details on its features, click the link below.The first thing our team wanted to do for this responsive redesign was to update the outdated layout. As a result, the layout shown above is full-width and focuses on contemporary, minimalistic design. Our team wanted visitors of the website to focus on the visuals and content, so the color scheme chosen is a mixture of white and orange in order to provide a clean professional appearance.

The first thing visitors will notice is our client’s logo to the top left corner. To the right of the logo, we’ve added the main menu which features an orange highlight that helps compare and contrast the bright background. Since our client’s primary practice area is Property subrogation, the photo reel within the header features different high resolution, full-width images that reflect our client’s expertise. Our team has even incorporated a specific call-to-action within each photo that urges visitors to contact our client for help on their case.

The content layout is designed to provide all access information in the form of three columns that promote short-form content. The left side of the column lists our client’s practice areas, the center provides the main content for the page, and the third column features our client’s press releases. With this layout, visitors will be able to instantly access the information they are trying to find which will promote visitor engagement with the website.

This law firm website design is still in the mockup stage so changes are expected to be made. Our design team feel the mockup is a good place to start for the responsive redesign of our property subrogation clients. Once this design has received feedback, we’ll provide an update.