Responsive Website Design For Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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Medical Malpractice Attorneys

The weekend is just around the corner and before we run out the door, we thought we’d give you all a glimpse of our latest responsive attorney website design for a medical malpractice client. For this new website, our team wanted to focus on a professional corporate theme that would attract and appeal to the visitors of our client’s target market. We decided to go with a color scheme of blue and white to highlight positive thinking and hope. Victims of medical malpractice have been hurt physically and mentally. By choosing a blue and white color scheme, our team hoped to lift the spirits of those victims and give them confidence in our client.

People searching for a medical malpractice attorney will want proven results and our team strove to create an attorney website design that focused on action rather than words. The first thing you’ll notice about this website is the full-width, high resolution image that commands the attention of the website’s visitor. We’ve added our client’s call to action in a white font against the image: “Don’t Settle for less than you deserve. Industry leading experience.” Beneath the call to action, we’ve placed a brief summary of our client’s achievements along with a button to the different cases they’ve handled.

We also chose to enlarge the banner of the website featuring our client’s firm name and contact information. The menu sits atop the screen above the banner for easy access. The main content of the website is placed within a white box against the background image. It’s divided into two halves: Practice areas and the main homepage content. Like our previous designs, our intention for this attorney website was a strong focus on visuals and calls to action which is why the design is geared towards short form content.

For more information on our newest designs, we welcome you to check out our law firm web design blog. Have a great weekend!