Website Design for a Seattle Bankruptcy Law Attorneys

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Bankruptcy Law Attorneys Web design

We love it when attorneys come to us with a specific theme in mind for their law firm website design. Our newest client hails from Seattle and his practice focuses on Bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy is not a pleasant thing to experience. While we can’t speak out of experience, just the thought of being bankrupt sends us unpleasant thoughts, so we can only speculate on how stressful and tiring it is on those unfortunate enough to be experiencing bankruptcy. Our client wanted to present his website as a shining light that would help his clients and visitors. The idea for the website is “It’s time to start a new day.” Our client’s vision and theme centered around rebirth and the idea of standing back up after life knocks you down. He had a vision and we were ready to bring it to life.

For this mockup, our team wanted to design a classy and professional law firm website. Unlike our other bankruptcy law practitioner clients, we wanted to recreate a feeling of home and welcome. Most bankruptcy attorney website designs are corporate in style, but we felt it wouldn’t go well with what our client wanted to accomplish. Coporate styles tend to alienate or intimidate people, so our design team went ahead with a wood-grain theme that would serve as a background. This background is coupled with a graphic of the Seattle skyline at dawn to further reinforce the idea of a “new day”. We decided to include our client’s photo onto the graphic to enhance the friendliness and expertise he wanted to present. People are more trusting when they’re able to see a smiling face and the effect of including his photo would be similar to our client extending his hand to his visitors. Listed on the bottom of the graphic are traits depicting our client’s work ethic and personality. The color scheme and layout of the website are simple and bright. Our client was adamant that there be no dark or somber colors. Things should be colorful and uplifting to go along with the theme.

Having finished the first mockup round for his website, we couldn’t agree more. Changes are expected to be made and we will continue to update on this project accordingly. Do you have a theme or vision for your website? Contact Law Promo today and we’ll make it happen!