Web Design Showcase – Appellate Law Firm in Florida and Georgia

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Bankruptcy Law Attorneys Web design

At Law Promo, we’re known for our classic and traditional designs fused with modern styles. Lately, we’ve been attempting to refine and add slight tweaks to our traditional designs. The mockup featured above is the result of our refining.

This Appellate law firm client came to us after finding our services online. With offices in Florida and Georgia, they wanted a law firm website designed that would showcase both of their office locations prominently. Since their practice focused on Appellate law, they asked us to design for them a website that would appeal to the type of clientele and audience they wished to attract. We’ve created a number of Appellate law firm websites, so we knew the type of design they were looking to create.

Our design team approached the website with a theme in mind. They wanted to create a simple but elegant website that would display only the information needed. As a result of our refining, we created a user-oriented layout. The menu is featured above a screen-wide graphic featuring the locations of their different offices. To the left of the website is a list of their practice areas and to the right is content pertaining to the page. The color scheme of the website was chosen to complement the screen-wide graphics. Our design team chose to go with darker blue to contrast the light blue emanating from the graphic photos. The white background within the content expresses the simplicity our team wanted to recreate.

We were happy with our efforts on this mockup design.  Changes are expected to be made and we’ll update you as soon as the next mockup is ready. Contact us today and speak with one of our representatives to see what we can do for you. We’ve helped hundreds of lawyers and we can definitely help you. Check out our attorney website design portfolio to see our latest works!