We fight for those in Arizona who are being charged for D.U.I.

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The attorneys at The Law Office of Brandon White, PLLC fights for those in Arizona who are being charged for D.U.I. (driving under influence).

What is a D.U.I.?

A D.U.I. can include many various statutes and laws that can affect one’s life. A D.U.I. violation charges can be highly sophisticated and complex and may charge the driver with many fines and consequences.

Some charges are listed below:

“Slightest Degree” Charge: When one has been under the influence of alcohol in “slightest degree”. No matter how much alcohol is in your system, you can get a DUI offense if you have enough to impair you.

“Above Legal Limit” Charge: When tested and one’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level is higher than .08%, they can get a D.U.I.

“Extreme DUI” Charge: This is charged when someone is driving with BAC above .15%.

“Super Extreme DUI” Charge: If anyone is driving with a BAC that is over .20%.

Who can you call for help with a D.U.I. charge?

Have you been unfortunate and pulled over while driving under the influence, well you should seek help from a specialized lawyer. You aren’t required to get a professional to represent your case, but you should seriously consider one since Arizona state has one of the most sophisticated and strict DUI charges that can sometimes lead one to be incarcerated.

With your freedom on the line, why wouldn’t you consider hiring a lawyer who can help you with your charges? We can’t guarantee dismissal or reduction of DUI charges, and neither can other law firms. What we can guarantee is our hard work in trying to achieve the best results for you by researching endlessly.

Some benefits of our law firm includes:

Free professional advice
Transparent and skilled professional attorneys
All fees laid out in front of you
Attorney who is very responsive

Have you or a loved one been in jail or processed for DUI and released with nothing left? If you are unsure where to start fighting for your case, we can help you. Don’t let your anxiety and stress completely overcome your logic, let us help your life be restored to the way it was. Call us today for a free consultation, so we can help you fight with all of our experiences under our belt.