Washington Bankruptcy Attorneys Website Design

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attorney website design

Law Promo is kicking off the weekend by starting a new law firm website design project! Our newest client hails from Washington focusing on the areas of Bankruptcy Law. Read on about how we came up with this particular attorney website design.

Here at Law Promo, we dig it when a client knows what they want since it makes our jobs easier. Our client came to us knowing exactly what they wanted for their attorney web design. They had key features in mind and a clear take on the layout. They sent us a few lawyer website design examples to express what they wanted and what they didn’t want.

One of the bigger requests for the website was to incorporate a wood grain background. This request was a first for us and made our team rethink the color scheme of the website in order to match it with the background. Ultimately, our design team came up with a transparent blue background with white font. We felt it melded well with the law firm web design as a whole. The banner of the website is also custom made featuring the theme for the website: “It’s time to start a new day.” The very top of the website holds our client’s logo along with their contact information and a call to action. The left side of the website design features our law firm client’s practice areas, video, and their credentials for the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. In order to differentiate and add contrast to the website design, our team made the left column a darker shade of blue.

For this lawyer web design, our team decided to use a simplified version of the traditional layout: a large graphic designed to grab attention and two columns underneath the banner featuring main website content and practice areas along with additional bankruptcy information.

Overall, we’re happy with this attorney website design. Our team worked hard on this mockup, but since it is in the mockup stage, this design is anything but permanent. Changes will be made once feedback is given. If you’re interested in our law firm web design services, contact us today!