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The newest attorney website design project Law Promo has recently taken on features a brand new style deviating from our traditional website layout.

Our client, a solo practitioner, approached us a few weeks ago after finding our law firm website design services online. They needed an all inclusive package for their website: logo, blog, and a website. Luckily, we had just the deal and after speaking with our sales representative and getting all the details about the deal and what it entailed, he decided to sign on and get started. As we’ve mentioned in previous design posts, Law Promo has been recently toying around in creating a new attorney web design style. While we still provide our traditional layout and styles, times are changing and we’re always looking to improve our craft. As a result, this law firm web design is different from our previous styles.

Like with all projects, we began with a simple questionnaire to get information about our client and get a sense for what they’re looking to accomplish with the website design. They listed a few attorney web designs from our portfolio that appealed to them on an aesthetic level and our team went to work with that. Their main request for this website was to match the logo created and give their visitors a calm confidence in the firm’s abilities. They wanted a website that would showcase their professionalism. Our team decided to take this chance as a way to depart from our traditional style and be a little more flexible in terms of design.

The first thing you’ll notice is the background of the lawyer website design which is a high resolution image of a gavel, book, and desk. Instead of the usual black and blue color schemes of criminal defense lawyers, we decided to match the color scheme to our client’s logo, which is featured at the very top left. The banner of the website displays our client’s logo, firm name, and contact information on a black transparent background. Below the banner, highlighted in red is the main menu. Our client’s call to action is placed on the top left corner of the high resolution image. Buttons for each practice area are displayed above the main body content. The main text of the website is displayed against a beige background. Practice areas are listed on the left-hand column against a brightening red background, in order to draw visitor attention.

While changes will probably be made to this attorney website design mockup, our team was able to experiment on a new design style which incorporates full-width image background and main menus. Like always, feedback is key to each design and if our client isn’t taken by the design provided, it’d give our design team another shot at creating something new! Look forward to our new website design styles. For more of our designs, you can visit our featured law firm website design portfolio.