Unfair Business Practices & Defective Products Blog Design

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One of the best ways to get your attorney website design more traffic is through a blog. Our most recent integrated blog design is for one of our current clients, the Marshall Law Firm.

The Marshall Law Firm signed on with us a few months ago for a law firm website design. They wanted to stand out and gave us their specifications for what they had in mind. Our design team studied their specifications and the different lawyer website designs they mentioned and created their attorney website in a timely manner. Like all our clients, we requested the Marshall Law Firm to wait in order to see where they stood in terms of ranking and search engine optimization.

After a few months, they saw where they ranked and asked us what they could do on their end to increase their rank. We gave them some information and explained the process of search engine optimization and after speaking with their account executive and our specialist, they decided a blog would be the best way to go.
For their blog, our design team stuck closely to their attorney web design in order to complement the website and to provide a more fluid reading experience. If you’ll check both blog and website, you’ll find that the background for both are identical, and the only real difference would be the header of the website. The header is simply the Marshall Law Firm logo, blog, their contact information and office location, and a short menu featuring their blog’s main page, the website main page, and a contact page.

The Marshall Law Firm is located in Walnut Creek, California and is dedicated to helping the little guy. The Marshall Law Firm has extensive knowledge of the consumer protection laws put in place to guard against unfair practices. Their blog focuses on Unfair business practices and defective products. They also practice the following areas of law:

  • Unwanted Telemarketing
  • Credit Reporting Issues
  • Employer Obtained Credit Report.

If you’re interested in following the Marshall Law Firm, we invite you to check out their Unfair Business Practices & Defective Products Blog.