Workers Compensation for Truck Drivers in Illinois

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Truck drivers are treated like other employees under the Act – if they are injured on the job, they are entitled to workers’ comp. Regardless of whether the accident happened on the road or the injury occurred performing other job duties, such as repairing their truck, trucking company employees are entitled to compensation.

An important thing to note, however, is that if you are an owner-operator rather than an employee, the company is not required to file a workers’ compensation payout if injured on the job.

In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you must give notice to your employer that an injury happened, then file a workers’ compensation claim. We highly recommend hiring one of our worker’s compensation attorneys to guide, assist, and facilitate your claim.

This will ensure that your employers will not throw any unnecessary roadblocks your way, or misclassify your employment status to avoid claim payments. In many cases, employers will incorrectly classify qualified employees as independent contractors to save costs and avoid workers’ compensation payouts.

If you are somebody who is under this dilemma, you should seek help from one of our workers’ compensation attorneys immediately. >> Read more