The Wilcox Law Firm PLLC – Houston Probate Lawyer Website is Launched

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Wilcox Law Firm

Today we are launching the website of The Wilcox Law Firm. This website is designed for the attorney’s ideal clients, most of which are senior citizens and may not be comfortable online. Everything on the website is big, easy to use and clean to look at, creating a beautiful and simple experience for its visitors.The bright blue and white color scheme is attention-grabbing right away, and pulls attention towards the call-to-action in the header and the practice areas. The large practice area buttons, highlighted in the same bright blue as the header, divert traffic to the most relevant area for them. The colors are optimistic and attractive, but also professional and assertive.

The information is also presented in an easy-to-consume manner. On each Practice Area page, common questions are asked and answered. The writing does a great job of anticipating the needs of their clients and providing answers in plain English that anyone can understand. They also have a convenient FAQ page for visitors to orient themselves on.

The Wilcox Law Firm practices estate planning and real estate law and is located in Houston, Texas. Mr. Wilcox understands the difficult emotional circumstances of estate planning and seeks to treat each of his clients with passion and respect. For more information and to take a closer look at the web design, visit The Wilcox Law Firm PLLC.