The Law Office of Elsie C. Vasquez Website is Now Online

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Law Offices Website

Today, Law Promo is proud to announce the launch of the Law Office of Elsie C. Vasquez website. The firm specializes in Immigration Law and required both an English version and a Spanish version of the website. In addition to this functionality perfect for any international firm, our team also worked hard on an outstanding and eye-catching design that we’re proud to add to our community.

When you first land on your web page, you’ll notice that the content is completely in Spanish. This is for maximum accessibility for her client base, but there is also an English version available by clicking the English button at the top of the page. This simple layout and navigation creates an easy to use interface that organizes the large amount of educational content in a clear way. The website also includes the use of video on the home page, which again creates an alternative presentation of information to appeal to the maximum number of people

The website is topped by an appealing image of the New York skyline and a large photo of Ms. Vasquez. We always encourage attorneys to place images of themselves prominently on their page because we believe it creates a stronger emotional connection with visitors. This website also uses a full header that stretches across the screen and seems to leap off the page.

The Law Office of Elsie C. Vasquez has two offices in New York and focuses on the practice area of immigration law, which includes matters regarding removal defense, waivers, asylum, citizenship, visas, green cards, and more. To visit the site and learn more about Ms. Vasquez’s firm, visit The Law Office of Elsie C. Vasquez