The Law Office of Brandon White – Arizona CDL Ticket Defense

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Citations for commuters can be really serious, but for commercially-licensed drivers it’s even more sophisticated. We know that a CDL ticket isn’t just a costly fine, it could easily put your work on the line robbing your life. Under Arizona state law, no CDL tickets can be dismissed by attending classes.

There are also strict Federal Motor Carrier regulations in place that commercial drivers must follow to keep them safe. Any experienced CDL would know that these regulations are often misunderstood by D.O.T. officials and officers which often leads to unjust and non-uniformed enforcement against CDLS all over the world.

Head attorney of our law office can help you with any unfair situations to make it just in the courtrooms for you. With his experiences as a State Trooper and commercial vehicle inspector, he will fight hard to make sure that he finds all defenses for your case. He will also work extremely hard to tame the person in charging against you and have your case dropped.

Some issues he deals with are:

Log Book Violations
Overweight Load Violations
Truck Route Violations
Moving Violations
Unsecured Load
Expired or Invalid Medical Card Violations

If you want to protect yourself, you should call The Law Office of Brandon White, PLLC. Many times, our firm will be able to show up to court without you having to be there. So, you won’t have to miss a payday for having to show up in court. Call us to see what our experienced attorneys can do for you.