The Employment Rights Lawyers

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We’re taking a break from our usual attorney website design launch to blog about our more recent Employment Rights Lawyer Integrated Blog Design.

We were contacted to create a blog design by our current attorney website design client, Kaplan Weiss LLP. They had some new information they wanted to share with their clients and visitors, but there attorney website already boasted a large amount of content and they felt it would simply be ignored or forgotten. They spoke with their account executive who recommended making use of a blog as a way to inform their audience about any relevant or interesting news updates.

The Kaplan Weiss LLP was already familiar with the benefits and purpose of a blog and since they had more information to share with their clients, they agreed with their account executive and decided to start their own blog. Their account executive gave them a few blogging tips to get them started along with a tutorial on how to log-in, make changes, make posts, delete posts, make categories, and add widgets.

Like all our blogs, our team designed their blog to complement the Kaplan Weiss LLP law firm web design. Since the main attorney website held a minimalist air, they wanted to capture that theme and designed an equally minimalist blog. The blog features a transparent gray background and a banner displaying the Kaplan Weiss Logo and their locations.

The Kaplan Weiss LLP has office locations in Downtown Los Angeles and the South Bay. The Employment Rights Lawyers at Kaplan Weiss LLP are ready to help you with your workplace claim. Whether you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, a hostile work environment or workplace violence, our attorneys can take a stand for you.

Their blog focuses on wage and hour claims, employment rights, and workplace discrimination. We invite you to learn more about their blog and services by visiting the Kaplan Weiss LLP Employment Rights Lawyers Blog.