Texas Personal Injury Lawyers Website Design

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Legal Web Design

Today, we would like to show you a mockup for one of our current projects, a law firm website redesign for Texas personal injury lawyers.

For this lawyer website design, we had the task of building a site to match the color scheme of a preexisting logo.  The logo uses reds, yellows, and oranges because of the ability these colors have to portray urgency and physical harm.  This is very fitting since the practice areas of this client are mainly auto accidents and catastrophic injuries.  As you can see, we stuck to the color scheme very well, giving this lawyer website a very branded feel.  The key colors are used in the navigation, featured practice areas, and header text, keeping a unified and professional look for our client.

The background image is also a modern touch, being high resolution and filling up the width of the browser.  Following new design standards like this reflects well on our client, adding a sense of sophistication and success in the eyes of the viewers.

We are excited to finish up this project and get it launched, and in the meantime check out our other law firm websites!