Texas Estate Planning Law Attorney Web Site Design

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Law Firm Web Design

Looks like we’ve been snatching up clients in Texas lately! Check out our newest attorney web design project for our Texas Estate Planning Law client.

For this new law firm web design, we decided to go for a more classic and simplistic design. We chose a blue and white color scheme to add to the website’s simplicity. The whole idea behind the attorney web design was to provide a comforting and relaxed tone for the site’s visitors. We understand the difficulties associated with estate planning, so our design team and client agreed upon a design that would provide comfort and ease.

The top portion of the website features our client’s firm name and phone number. Right underneath the banner, we’ve placed the main menu for visitors to quickly access the information they’re looking for. The blue color coupled along with lighter shades of white and gray help bring a peace of mind to those viewing the site. We’ve added estate planning related photos along with our client’s call to action: “Planning for your Peace of mind.” Combining our client’s overall attorney web design, color scheme, and photo reels allow the visitor to attain that peace of mind.

We’ve added little details like highlighted titles and underlines to direct visitor’s eyes to the main content. The content layout is designed to provide maximum accessibility to all pages of the site. The content is divided into three sections: main page, practice areas, and office location.

This attorney website is designed to appeal to a certain audience where simplicity and user friendly navigation is a must. We wanted to reflect our client’s call to action with the design, so our team focused on subtle details and shadows to convey a sense of peace.

Stay tuned to see the finished attorney website, as it will show up in the near future with the rest of our law firm website launches.